“The GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS provides a breakthrough for golfers on how to train and condition their mind. Finally in black and white, the tools and techniques needed for all levels of golfers to improve their thinking. All the questions and answers about how to think before, during and after a round of golf lie within these pages. This book highlights the importance of educating your subconscious through self-hypnosis and it works! Great work John.”  

- Ted Frick; Owner/Operator, The Classic Swing Golf School
, SC

Top 25 Golf Schools/ 2005 Carolinas Section PGA Teacher of the Year


“The GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS taught me how the mind works and the ability to control my inner demons. It has helped me overcome my mental blocks and have learned to play more relaxed. Thanks for the book!”

- Luis Delgadillo; PGA Professional, TX


“Well, I read all of GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS and was most impressed. In fact the book needs reading [and acting upon] regularly. I have been fascinated by self-hypnosis for a very long time, but this is the first time that I have seen it to be associated with golf. A wonderful book, hugely impressed, thank you for allowing me to read it."  

- Peter Stacey; PGA Level 3 Coach, England


“Not only have I found the GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS incredibly insightful to how powerful the mind is, but it gives so many techniques to use as well. It is very RARE for the two to be complimenting one another. Even though I only started working with the book recently, I find what you say useful, and also believe it to be truthful, honest, and anybody can benefit from the book. I am a big fan of your work and would recommend the book to everyone whether a coach, amateur, professional, or a newbie to golf."

- Steph Westbrook; Tour Professional, United Kingdom


“I found the GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS to be very insightful, educating, and spot on the TRUTH.”

- Paul Woodbury; PGA Tour Canada


“I can't stop highlighting and taking notes as I read along! John brings new light to improving one's mental golf game. This terrific book incorporates elements to help any golfer at every skill level. The GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS is a must read!”

- Chris Hill; Head Golf Coach of the University of the Pacific, CA

2014 Jan Strickland Award: NCAA Assistant Coach of the Year at University of Houston


 “The power of the mind is the hardest aspect for golfers to ascertain. John helps his readers find that missing link that takes most pro golfers years to understand. This book has not only given me the tools to reach the next level, but has inspired me to change my whole outlook. I’ve learned so much from John and his book, and my game has reached a new level through focus, confidence, and positivity. I truly believe in committing to the suggestions and recommendations in this book. You will get better and better every day.”

- Cameron Ford; Collegiate Golfer, SC


“As an up-and-comer in the world of professional golf I've always wondered what the true difference is between guys that make it and guys that don't. We all hit the ball equally well, chip it close, and make putts. However, some make millions while others sleep in their cars. In the book, John Weir not only explains in easy to understand terms how the brain works and how the guys who make it think, he gives you the tools to start thinking like a champion. Through the use of self-hypnosis and affirmations in this book I've really turned my metal game around. I might not play like Tiger, but now I certainly think like him.”

- Jacques Ungerer; Professional Golfer, South Africa


“As a former LPGA Tour Player, I am very strong in my opinion of the importance of the mental side of the game of golf and really any sport. John Weir takes the reader on an amazing journey into the mind and its impact on the athlete’s success. I could not put the book down as I found ways to delve into my own brain through a plethora of lessons with Weir. He allowed me to minimize stress by truly knowing myself on and off the course. Through the pages of helpful training exercises, I began to synchronize with my body and brain for optimal performance. As a matter of fact, when I finished the book, I teed up in a tournament the following day and fired a solid even par round and felt nothing but a relaxed awareness and focused mind.

In the past, I was not a real proponent of hypnosis. (I just brushed it off as something weird that other people do.) However, as I read John Weir’s book, the message is clear that positive mental programming is exactly what is needed for each of us to reach our competitive goals. Well done, Mr. Weir and thank you for giving us the tools to perform at our best consistently and with true internal confidence.”

- Kate Hughes; 
Former LPGA Tour Player, Founder Vision Fore Success, CA  

Univ of Minnesota Hall of Fame for Golf; Director Women's Golf at Bunkers Paradise


“As a former mini-tour player for 4 years, I understand the importance of the mental side of the game. I really enjoyed GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS and found it to be a wonderful resource to help me in my own game as well as enhance my overall teaching program. This book has taught me the tools that apply to the 90% of the game, your mind, and they are easily applicable to all golfers. I found the book to be very beneficial and look forward to sharing it with my students. Excellent work!”

- Pete “The Squire” Drotar, CEO of Drotar Golf Center in Murfreesboro, TN  

USGTF Master Professional; SW Michigan Top 100 Teaching Coach’s Award 2 years in a row


“John shares a tremendous amount of his knowledge in the GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS. This book will help any golfer at any level have more fun on the course and do what golfers desire most - shoot lower scores. It surely has taken my game to the next level after applying everything he talks about!.”

- George Bris; JFGA Junior Tour 2014 Handicap and Scratch Order of Merit Champion, Spain


“As an amateur golfer who plays for both fun and the love of competition, John Weir’s GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS has become my go-to manual  to sharpen my mental game. As my game progresses, the  GOLFERS GUIDE offers a compendium of amazingly simple and effective techniques for honing my mental game, improving my performance on the golf course and clearly focusing on one of my key goals for 2014, winning my club championship for the 6th time. Thank you, John!”  

- Alison Lanza Falls; 5-Time Club Champion, OH


“The GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS is a must have for weekend golfer's like myself. I started golfing at the late age of 30 and after many professional lessons I realized that my game wasn't improving at the rate I had expected. Shortly after reading John Weir's book, my confidence and overall game improved dramatically. I really bought into the idea of "unconscious competence" or "playing in the performance zone."

Now I step into the tee-box at the beginning of a golf round the same way I step into my car at the beginning of my drive home from the office. I don't need to think about driving home, I just do it. Now I don't need to think about hitting a nice drive on hole number one with a crowd of people watching, I just do it."  

- Rob Sage; Weekend Warrior, CA


“I thought GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS was a brilliant book. I’m hoping to use what I’ve read and learned in the book to improve the mental side of my game because its a big factor in my game that I have needed to get to grips with. This book shows how to get the mental part of your game right to improve your entire game. Id recommend it to all golfers of all ages."  

- Jordan Rosser; Age 14 Junior Disabled Golfer from Wales


“John is a master of the mind and an excellent teacher of how to use your mind to its fullest potential. The mental techniques and tools that he shares with you will help you both on and off the course. The time you spend on the mental side of your golf game will pay off immediately and ongoingly, so the time you spend on the course will be more fulfilling and more enjoyable. Whether you are a golf professional or a weekend hacker this manual for your mind will help you improve every aspect of your game: putting, driving, chipping, pre-shot routine, practice on the range, course management, and getting and staying in the “The Zone”. You will benefit from this book for the rest of your golf life."  

- David S Prudhomme; Avid Golfer, Founder & Director of Mederi Wellness, OH


“I found John Weir through Twitter, and began reading his affirmations and articles, retweeting applicable ones to my high school golf team. John Weir pinpoints common, repetitive mistakes the boys make during competition; not technical ones, but the mental pitfalls of defeat, like negative body language, poor "self-talk", not visualizing the hole and insecurity or tension on the course. His book GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS is a culmination of all John's insights in one organized, plain-spoken volume to help golfers "focus forward" on POSITIVE aspects, by learning to re-train the mind, which is so important to lower golf scores and consistant performance."  

- NGHS Bulldogs Golf; Suwanee, GA


“As the mom of a high school golfer, I was frustrated by the hours and money spent to improve my son's golf game, but his tourney scores had risen to a stagnant mid-80's with no improvement in sight. I discovered John Weir's Mental Caddie and downloaded the self-hynosis audio for my son. Two weeks later at Regionals, he finished +4, his best round in months! He smiled and said, "It's just so hard to keep my mind right!" but declared that his nighttime ritual of listening to the audio had helped him capture "low medalist" for our team and stay focused. In addition, John's book GOLFERS GUIDE TO MENTAL FITNESS helped us both recognize the inner demons and negative patterns my son was battling. He continues to improve and refers to the self-talk and visualization sections often. If ever in Orlando, we are definitely visiting John Weir! His insights have been spot-on."  

- Lori Smith Manning; Suwanee, GA



  • This is an incredibly comprehensive book. John Weir covers all aspects of Mental Game 
training in this book as well as any other author on the market today.
  • John provides excellent, step-by-step, on course and off course drills that will help golfers stay 
positive, confident, and focused on the shot at hand.
  • I really liked John's chapters about Visualization, Self-Talk, Affirmations, and Mental 
Rehearsal. These are skills that ALL golfers must train in order to lower their scores. These skills also improve a golfer's attitude and help him or her have more fun on the course. These tips will help a golfer enjoy the game more.
  • John does an outstanding job of describing the importance of a Pre-Shot Routine and how golfers must immerse themselves in it to maintain a focus on the Shot that they want to hit, rather than the shot that they want to avoid!
  • John's scripts for developing confidence and positive mental images are ones that golfers should definitely use to help them perform at their peak during tournaments. John does a great job of reminding golfers that their Mental Game skills need to be practiced consistently, just like they need to practice their Golf Swing on a regular basis.
  • John superbly describes the Mind-Body Connection and how powerfully a golfer's thoughts (positive or negative) can affect his or her performance. Specifically, John gives many excellent techniques and drills for golfers to lock in their best shots into their subconscious mind and to rid their minds of the negative images caused by bad shots. A Post-Shot Routine to anchor the positives and flush the negatives is critical for any golfer.
  • John reminds golfers that they need a Mental Game plan to maintain their poise and confidence when faced with adverse situations and tough course conditions. He reminds them that they have the best chance to succeed if they can control their thoughts, immerse themselves in their pre-shot routines, and remain present and patient during the entire 18 holes.
  • John gives important drills and techniques (breathing, progressive relaxation, etc.) to help them release tension and negativity before during, and after a round of golf.”

- Ted Sheftic, Owner/Operator, Ted Sheftic Learning Center

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers; Golf Digest #1 Teacher in PA;

3 Time PGA Philadelphia Section Teacher of the Year


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